Sunday, 22 February 2009

A tribute to the late Bapak Edhi Handoko

Nothing much to say, nothing more to write, here a little tribute to the late Bapak Edhi Handoko, Indonesia 4th GM who has passed away on Tuesday 17/2/2009 at 00.15 am in RS Bina Husada, Cibinong.

He is one of life's best gifts,
Someone to treasure all life through,
Someone who is always a special part of our chess community,
Someone who holds a prime place in our heart,
He's a great chess player, a trainer and also a friend,
A dad to some of us,
He's someone so dear and so good,
He's a blessing, he's a gift,
He's a treasure like no other,
He's someone that is truly wonderful,
He's caring and loving,
His friendship is truly invaluable,
Indispensable and unforgettable,
A gift for such a little while.

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